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Values: professionalism, perception, passion

There are key values that make me different from other research experts. These can be summarised with three 'P's - professionalism, perception and passion. Each enables me to provide the insights you need in order to drive your business forward.

If you'd like to embed professionalism, perception and passion into your marketing insights, please get in touch.



Dictionary definition:
"The skill, competence, or character expected of a member of a highly trained profession."

My definition:

Front-line insights understanding, bottom-line commercial nous. Over 20 years' experience commissioning and using all types of market research - this means my advice goes beyond just good research.

Dictionary definition:
"The ability to notice or discern things that escape the notice of most people."

My definition:

I provide a different slant on your strategic issues. You'll enjoy advice that is founded on rigorous analysis tempered with intuitive creativity, common sense and valuable marketing insights.

Dictionary definition:
" A keen interest in a particular subject or activity."

My definition:

I have an infectious enthusiasm for digging out insights you can actually use.

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