Gaye Myatt Fresh Insights




Can’t see the wood for the trees? I’m a commercially savvy research expert with over 20 years’ blue–chip experience. I’ll hit the ground running and provide the marketing insights you need, no matter what your business issue.

My depth of experience in all kinds of research means I can zero in on the real issues and view your business from a variety of analytical angles. From this, I’ll present a range of options and recommend the best path to follow.

I can help you:

  • Gain the understanding you need in order to make key decisions

  • Discover consumer insight from your existing research

  • Make sense of confusing data

  • Develop research and insight plans from scratch

  • ‘Health check’ your existing research and insight plans

  • Source the best combination of information and suppliers

  • Energise your research agency relationships

  • Focus your resource in order to gain the best results

When you need to unravel all that complexity – and you want to focus your spend against what you need to know – I can help. Why take my word for it? Read these Case Studies and please get in touch for an informal chat.

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