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"Most importantly, she is utter joy to work with."
Herve Hannequin, International Planning Director, WCRS


Don’t take my word for it

The people I have worked with have said some really lovely things. If you’re considering using my services, these testimonials will reassure you that I consistently stand by the values, expertise and market insight I promise every client.

John Clarke, President, Consumer Healthcare Worldwide, GSK

“Her work and advice has been pivotal to our success at GSK on a wide range of our major brands. Gaye's differentiating strength is her independence of thought and her ability to think deeply beyond others. I have valued my association with Gaye; it has been professionally fulfilling and exceedingly helpful in building the business at GSK.”

Herve Hannequin, International Planning Director, WCRS
“Gaye cuts through complex strategic issues with the sharpness of a surgeon’s knife to extract clear, actionable and compelling insights. Most importantly, she is utter joy to work with.”
Andrew Cowan, Commercial Director, Diageo

“Gaye has the ability to translate a curiosity into an actionable insight. All her decisions and recommendations are underpinned by a sharp commercial focus. She is a selfless team player who has a talent for creating an environment where the people around her and under her leadership can do their best work.”

Simon Pulsford, VP Global, GSK
“My experience of working with Gaye over a long period of time is that when it comes to resolving business issues through insight and research, Gaye is at the top of her game and always adds real practical value.”
Jonathan Turner, Managing Director, Oxford Strategic Marketing
“Gaye is a fantastic bridge between research and marketing. Gaye has provided insight and inspiration across a wide spectrum of private and public sector issues."
Andreas Tarnai, Global Futures Director, GSK

“Gaye always delivers a refreshing and honest view. She has a passion for brands and consumers and helps you step back to 'connect the dots' you need before moving forward. When I have a major project, I always try to make sure she is on the team.”

Mark Dickinson, European Director, GSK corner
“Gaye's consultancy made a real contribution to our launch success. She not only understands research inside-out, but understands the commercial practicalities and handles corporate communication issues intelligently. She did a great job of coordinating our pan-European research plans, ensuring we had solid insights and really helping to ensure we had alignment across the markets."
Gina Banns, Client Services Director,
Oxford Strategic Marketing

“Gaye knows her stuff and provides advice you can trust. She both thinks at a high strategic level, but also handles all the details at an operational level to achieve workable solutions. Gaye also keeps up-to-date with latest thinking and techniques - we can always rely on her translating our needs into an innovative approach.”

Leslie Sopp FMRS,
Head of Research, Age Concern Research Services

“I worked closely with Gaye when I was Chair of AURA and greatly valued her strategic vision, drive, all round commonsense approach to finding solutions, and communicating effectively across senior level clients.”

Tim Brooks, Marketing Director, GSK
“Gaye is a high quality thinker in a world where strong thinking is increasingly hard to find. She has an excellent nose for spotting the 'emperor's new clothes' and on numerous occasions her wise counsel has added real value to our marketing decisions and our approach to the business. A top person and great to work with.”
Chris Harley-Martin, VP, GSK
“Gaye is a consummate research professional - she is intuitive, curious, thorough and passionate about people. Above all else, she will dig away until she has delivered relevant consumer insight. She is an asset to any team, looking for research as a partner to business building decision-making.”

Gordon Pincott, Chairman, Global Solutions, Millward Brown corner
“Gaye manages to combine an excellent technical grasp of research with the marketing understanding necessary to provide real business direction.”

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